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Nice & simple

Good little game missing just a few options to have its 5th star. Needs more contrast between letters that are still available and those that have been tried. Would be nice to choose the length of the word to find. Would also be nice to have some really long words as well. That said, its a nicely done app & its free!

Well done, need more words

Good, if simple. Needs more words though.

Excellent ! (but...)

Excellent game, works very well ! (but...) It needs more words ! And I believe it wouldnt be very difficult to let the player choose another language, right ?! For the next release maybe, its just adding new words in the game. Thank you very much !!


Gets incredably boring, I deleted it

Needs polishing

The base of the game is very well done but the game needs more polishing. Better graphics - especialy icon - and adding the ability to give hints, categories, and difficulty level would be nice.

Possible updates

It was good, but it would be nice if there were catergories. It would also be nice if after you solved the puzzle it gave you the definition of the word.

its fun w/ updates

after awhile it reuses some words plus the words arent long and difficult. overall it is fun and i enjoy this app.

Getting better

the game hangman is getting a lot better much better, because of this new update i will keep the game! keep it up with those great up dates!

Good enough for a simple game

Hangman is a simple game so dont expect much, from the game or the app. Would like to see more words though.


Game needs to be jazzed up - colour, sounds


Why is is switched to potrate much easier to choose letters in landscape. Now the buttons are to small and I accidently click the wrong button. CHANGE IT BACK! Please :)

Error in linguistics

Nonavailable is not a word.


Free no mobileware two player mode just amazing

Ive seen better versions

Yes, eventually it gets boring...needs sounds and some colour.


its so boring

Awesome but bugs

This game was really good but every time I went to the menu it would go home to all my apps! I was so mad!


Soooooooooo gay and boaring


Lots of fun simple and fast to play in a hurry over 2000 words

Changes plz

Good game but it should have an are sure you want to change the words button or move it away from the letters or something


This game gets boring after a while because it doesnt have any colour or sound to make it more interesting but still a good app

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